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- My name is Katie Kato.

- I am from The United States. I grew up in San Dimas, Califorina.

- I have lived in Japan for 12 years.

- I have a bachelors degree in education and a TEFL certificate for teaching English to foreigners.

- I have taught English for 13 years. I also volenteered in American elementary schools while I was studying at university.

- I love teaching!

- I also love traveling, meeting new people, having BBQ's, going to the beach, enjoying sunshine, cooking, watching movies, reading, dancing, singing karaoke, and trying new and delicious food!

- I have a daughter named Mona and a son named Jo.

- And finally.... here are some of my favorite things about Japan...
⚫︎ Food: miso
⚫︎ Sashimi: shrimp & Scallop
⚫︎ Pastimes: Onsen & Karaoke
⚫︎ Festival: All of them! Japanese festivals are so fun!!
⚫︎ Writer: Banana Yoshimoto
⚫︎ Soccer player: Matsui
⚫︎ Song: ue o muite aruko
⚫︎ Anime: One Piece
⚫︎ Word: Kawaii  (my son and daughter are always kawaii!)



- My name is Chris Adolphsen.

- I'm from Washington State, USA

- I have lived in Japan for 6 years, but I studied Japanese in Kobe and Chiba from 2006 2007 and have visited Japan many times since then.

- I have a bachelors degree mechanical engineering and a TEFL certificate for teaching English to foreigners.

- I have taught English to children and adults in Japan for 6 years.

- I enjoy photography, using computers, snowboarding & finding a good cafe. 

- My favorite Japanese foods are Tonkatsu & Okonomiyaki.

- I look forward to meeting you soon!


Tel: 090-6581-3794